Friday, May 22, 2009


A hectic day in the markets today.
The US Equity Markets + USD +Treasuries + Crude Oil = were all down.

Gold has rallied steadily upward, just getting over the $950 level as I write this. Is the weak USD causing some forced short covering in gold?
Meanwhile, former Federal Reserve Chairman - Alan Greenspan was in the news again , saying that the financial crisis is not yet over!! Hahaha!
Green shoots not green enough I guess?
It's getting quite choppy out there.
Are we going to see the USD rebound, if this bear market rally in global equities starts to stumble?
This is going to be critical, as the US Bond market desperately needs some massive inflows, in order to keep rising Treasury yields in check. A USD rebound led by a flight to safety could just help the US Fed's cause.
Is the unemployment rate of 9.2- 9.6% projected by the US Fed far too optimistic?
The guys at S&P are getting concerned about the AAA sovereign credit rating of the UK.
Is the US next in line for a AAA rating with a negative outlook?
Well it's about time someone started to get concerned about the "intervention and stimulus" strategies of the leaders of the developed world.
Just imagine if Asian central banks started buying their domestic government debt by printing money. The rating agencies would be slamming them with downgrades and junk ratings!

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