Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GOLD : Overextended after a massive run : more volatility to come

After testing $1900, gold prices have corrected sharply. In the near term prices continue to remain overextended, well above supporting trendlines at $1640.

I continue to remain a long term bull, but would once again remind readers that in the short term, gold prices will continue to be volatile and reacting to options expiration and the FED's Jackson Hole meeting at the weekend.

Here is a fantastic chart from Jesse's Café Américain - a super site for all gold related news and excellent unbiased market analysis.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thomas Friedman - on a Theory of Everything (sort of)

A precise article by Thomas Friedman about the current state of unemployment, credit and strained government finances.

A Theory of Everything (Sort Of) -

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just a quick post today before I put up some detailed analysis soon.

There's so much happening in markets these days - Debt Ceiling, US AAA downgrade, Equity Market crashes, a really manic VIX (Volatility S&P500 ^VIX), UK Riots and all the ongoing discussion of the ''fragile'' global economic recovery!!

Below is a snapshot of todays wildly gyrating markets! For the ''goldbugs'' out there, Gold has been riding high, driven upwards by all the uncertainty & it is overbought in the near term!

The FED has signalled that it wishes to keep rates at record lows well into 2013!----the recovery must be more fragile than they first thought.

Overall, I would refrain from any risk taking at the moment and would look to hedge gold positions. In the medium term, I expect gold to continue to be volatile in a price range of $1550 to $1780(New all time high as of today).

Will come back with some market specific ideas soon.