Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just a quick post today before I put up some detailed analysis soon.

There's so much happening in markets these days - Debt Ceiling, US AAA downgrade, Equity Market crashes, a really manic VIX (Volatility S&P500 ^VIX), UK Riots and all the ongoing discussion of the ''fragile'' global economic recovery!!

Below is a snapshot of todays wildly gyrating markets! For the ''goldbugs'' out there, Gold has been riding high, driven upwards by all the uncertainty & it is overbought in the near term!

The FED has signalled that it wishes to keep rates at record lows well into 2013!----the recovery must be more fragile than they first thought.

Overall, I would refrain from any risk taking at the moment and would look to hedge gold positions. In the medium term, I expect gold to continue to be volatile in a price range of $1550 to $1780(New all time high as of today).

Will come back with some market specific ideas soon.

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