Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As the market eagerly awaits some FED news flow, here is a chart that deserves a closer look.

While the unemployment rate has continued to remain under 10%, the chart below shows that this is still one '''tough''' job market.
If the recovery is to be led by consumer consumption, then this chart must begin trending downwards!
Continuing stress in the housing and job market coupled with an increase in the savings rate and lacklustre credit offtake further reinforces David Rosenberg's stand that ''frugality is here to stay''

Monday, August 2, 2010

David Rosenberg - on reasons to be worried about the investing environment

Many analysts and economists ''label'' David Rosenberg a perma bear!
Below is his answer to a question during a recent interview.

Ignore David Rosenberg's sound advice and cautious outlook at your own risk!
Economic news flow continues to be dismal. Far too many structural problems remain unresolved for analysts to extrapolate earnings based on the ongoing rebound in equity markets.