Friday, November 6, 2009


The jobless recovery continues.
The Stress tests were way off !! They were nowhere stressful enough; no wonder the banks passed with flying colours. The Market Ticker Blog has more. About Those Stress Tests...

Lastly here's yesterday's post from The Automatic Earth Blog.

November 5 2009: Here's how to stop the bleeding

Here's an excerpt

Dylan Ratigan in conversation with William Black:

Ratigan: We have legalized the casino gambling with taxpayer money, literally. It is legal for proprietary trading, which is idle speculation, although perhaps well informed and profitable, with the use of taxpayer insured assets.

Black: We not only legalized it, we backstopped it. If you win, it all goes to you, if you lose, it all goes to the taxpayers, and the American people. That is insane. Everybody knows that’s insane."

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Plan B Economics said...

The worst part of unemployment is how long it lasts.