Wednesday, February 4, 2009


No wait, these guys are just as bad as the Investment Bank CEO's on Wall Street!
Tales of Hedge Fund--Private Equity--Emerging Market Losses
Don't blame the bankers, some of these 'business schools' were clearly taking too much risk with Endowment and Pension fund investments - They should have known better!

The Bullish Bear Blog advises all Sovereign Wealth Funds : "'''Stop trusting bankers and quit investing in global financial institutions and banks.!"""

Saudi Prince Burned By Citigroup
Saudi's Kingdom Holding posts $8.3 bln Q4 loss
Abu Dhabi fund faces huge loss
Losses steep at sovereign-wealth funds
Report: Arab govt funds lost big as markets fell
Norway Oil Fund Losses in Lehman Shares Exacerbate Kingdom's Worst Return

Columbia Endowment Lost 15% in Second Half of 2008
Dartmouth to Cut Budget After Endowment Loses 18%
Cornell to Cut Spending After Endowment Falls 27%
Princeton Fund May Decline 25%, Tuition to Rise 2.9%
Harvard Alumni Protest Investors’ Pay After Fund Loss
Lessons learned from Harvard's 30% endowment loss - MarketWatch
Harvard Hit by Loss as Crisis Spreads to Colleges -
Harvard's Endowment Loses $8 Billion
Hopkins's endowment drops amid recession
Survey shows endowment losses at many institutions
Sliced: Endowment losses cut Jefferson Scholarships
Market Losses Tighten Screws On Colleges
CalPERS investment chief sees 'no place to hide' in the markets
Harvard, Dartmouth Losses May Widen on Private Equity

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