Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The continuing weakness of the INR vs the USD is starting to worry both investors and regulators alike. Negative FII fundflows in the Equity markets is adding to the weakness of the INR.

At a time when inflation continues to be persistantly high, a weak INR will add to India's already increasing Crude Oil import costs.

The Equity Markets in India are preparing themselves for forex loss announcements from companies that import their raw materials and those that have large Foreign Currency borrowings.

We are now surpassing levels last reached during the heights of the financial crisis in the first quarter of CY 2009, just after the Lehman Crisis!

Energy and commodity prices were far lower in March 2009 than they are right now; so the Government and especially the Central Bank (R.B.I) will have to come up with some strategy to stabilize if not support the INR at current levels.


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