Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Clearly there's more stimulus to come, as the never ending recovery from those dark days in 2008 continues. The FED really has a tough job on its hands.
Talks of a possible QE3 could add more fuel to rising commodity prices, while a cancellation of a proposed plan for QE3, will not go down well in these jittery markets!

Below are two Charts of the Adjusted US Monetary Base. (5year + Long Term)
2011 has seen the graph spike sharply updards, a trend that is clearly not sustainale !

Meanwhile the Precious Metals sector has had quite a rally over the past week, with Gold prices topping $1600, and Silver just about getting over the $40 level. Perhaps, the Gold market is pricing in a possible QE3 further down the line.
I continue to be cautiously optimistic on the precious metals sector over the next month and a half; i.e. until the end of August 2011. These summer months have traditionally been seasonally weak for the PM sector.

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