Saturday, January 29, 2011

C.R.B. vs. B.D.I.

Below is a rather curious chart of the CRB Commodity Index vs the Baltic Dry Index.
It's interesting to note, that as commodity prices continued to trend upwards in recent weeks, the Baltic Dry Index has continued to drift downwards.

The ongoing activities of global Central bankers are once again boosting asset prices, including prices of USD denominated commodities. As speculators and hedge funds latch on to rising prices, it's quite possible that prices could rise still further.
Longer term however, this diversion in the CRB & the BDI will have to correct itself.
Given that the rise in the CRB is not purely end user driven, CRB prices could see a sell off if the global economy faces a double dip.
As Central Banks in Asia continue to raise interest rates to combat food & energy inflation, Asian economic growth could slowdown in the second half of 2011.
Also, let's not forget the troubles with Club Med, unemployment issues in the developed world, the troubles with state/municipal finances in the USA and the Debt and Fiscal issues of the US government.
If the world economy slows, the CRB Index is going to turn downwards.
Investors and speculators in the commodity markets must realise that at current prices, most commodities are trading in 'overbought' territory and leave the investor with little or no margin of safety at all
Caveat Emptor!

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