Monday, January 18, 2010

David Rosenberg on - Total unemployed relative to Total Job openings

Here's David Rosenberg on the total unemployed/ total job opening ratio:

''''Note that there are now a record 6.4 unemployed per job opening — double the highest level posted during the 2001 recession — which is a supply-demand mismatch in the labour market that is sure to accelerate the downtrend in wages (vivid in the NFIB survey too). ''''''

Also, here's what David Rosenberg had to say on the VIX

''''And the VIX index, at 17, is symptomatic of this high level of complacency — it was 22 a month ago and over 40 when the stock market was bottoming last March. The fact that investors are behaving as if there is minimal chance of any possible downside surprises occurring is perhaps the most glaring red flag over this bear market rally — from a contrarian standpoint, the widespread bullishness is bearish. ''''

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