Saturday, June 13, 2009


As Maria Bartiromo says on the CNBC show 'Closing Bell' -

'Do you know where your money is? '
Well the FED knows, but is the truth going to be just too painful to hear?

You want the truth - > Maybe you can't handle the truth!

Could it cause a market panic, when the public is faced with the harsh reality that the FED's investments may not be as sound as initially expected?

""" After months of activism and lobbying by Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters, House Resolution 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, will move out of committee to be debated by the full House of Representatives. """
Source :House to debate Ron Pauls HR 1207

Ron Paul is one of the few people in government who actually realises that the monetary policy currently underway is just unsustainable.

Taking on more debt to solve a problem caused by too much debt in the first place, is just not the best way forward.

The Budget Deficit is totally out of line, and US Treasury Bond yields are rising.

Some of the FED's ' investments ' are already losing money.
Case in point : Fed report shows losses on Bear Stearns, AIG holdings | Reuters

Are there more losses on the Fed's Balance Sheet?

Wait and watch, but I seriously doubt any audit will occur.
Because the market won't be able to handle the truth!

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