Thursday, November 20, 2008


Panic about deflation. A crashing CPI and many more Bailouts to come!
Too many 'experts' are calling for a bottom, and so I think there is more downside to come.
With each passing day, despair and delusion continues to spread.
Only when all hope is lost, and fear and regret( of not having cashed out earlier) take over, can the foundations of a 'market bottom' be laid.
GOLD prices meanwhile have remained reasonably stable in the $735-$744 range.
It will be interesting to watch how gold reacts to this 'asset deflation' and 'commodity rout.'
How will gold react to deflation amidst unstable fiat currencies,turmoil in the '''Central Bank Reserve Currency economy''' (USA), record debt levels, and unimaginable levels of OTC derivatives outstanding??
Short term directional calls are impossible, but, I maintain my positive views on Gold- as a true store of value, and an insurance in a world where no one, I repeat ''no one'' knows how bad its going to get.

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