Monday, March 24, 2008


Its not over yet ! ! !

  • The Credit Crisis is far from over.
  • More banks to go under.
  • Counterparty Risk continues to be a greater threat than ever, as no one is willing to lend.
  • Losses to Employee Stock Options & Pension Fund Investments, in cases such as the Bear Stearns collapse.
  • The Fed is down to his last few rate cuts, and he has no solutions yet!!
  • USD pegged currencies, can no longer sustain falling interest rates, as local inflation soars.
  • The impact of Middle East Oil producers dropping the USD peg, and pricing oil in ' a basket of currencies', as against the USD.

Lastly, heres an interesting article on 'The Credit Crisis', from the Interfluidity Blog

Best Explanation to the Credit Crisis yet.

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