Friday, February 8, 2008


“Temasek Holdings is an Asia investment house headquartered in Singapore. With a multinational staff of more than 300 people, we manage a portfolio of over S$160 billion, or more than US$100 billion, focused primarily in Asia. We are committed to fostering a sustainable future for our shareholder, staff, portfolio companies and the community.”

Temasek and The Government of Singapore Investment Corp operate as Investment Management Companies / Private Equity Arms / Sovereign Wealth funds of the Singapore Government. GIC was set up to manage Singapore's foreign reserves.

Over the years Temasek has been a long term investor mainly in Asian markets, acquiring sizable stakes in large companies.

Here is a list of its major investments as on 31st March 2007.

Here is a wikipedia link with recent updates of investment stakes held by Temasek.

For an accurate list of investment holdings, please refer to the annual statement from Temasek as of 31 March 2008, which will be put up later this year.


Recent High Profile Investments

After its recent investment in Merrill Lynch, Temasek now owns approximately 9.4% of Merrill Lynch.

It recently announced that it owns 19% of Standard Chartered.(up from 13% on 31 mar 07)

Its sister concern, the Government of Singapore Investment Corp, invested almost $ 10 Billion in UBS AG recently.

The current activities of Sovereign funds such as Temasek mark an inflection point in the history of financial markets. With a shift of wealth and assets from west to east, investors from Asia are acquiring businesses in the west, during a crisis, at exceedingly low prices.
The new buyers will gain access to western markets, by acquiring well established businesses and brand names. They will also indirectly acquire a foothold in the subsidiaries of large multinational corporation businesses built up in Asia over the last few decades .
Over the long term, this will be the biggest loss for investors and business owners in the west, being forced to sell out when prices are down.

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