Thursday, November 8, 2007


According to recent press reports,Gisele Bundchen,the world's highest paid super model is insisting that she be paid in Euros and not the U.S. dollar. Her manager subsequently denied these reports.

Nonetheless,concern over a fast depreciating US Dollar is spreading.

The Brazillian super model, whose annual earnings (according to Forbes ) totalled $33million, will continue to see her earnings in terms of the Brazillian Real and the EURO fall sharply in value; if the decline of the US Dollar continues.

The Brazillian economy has been performing well led by strong commodity prices and increased foreign investment.
The Brazillian Real has risen sharply against both the USD and the EURO.

The Brazillian Real appears to have held its value against gold, given its high interest rate(11.25%) and strong economic activity in Brazil .

In recent months Warren Buffet, Bill Gross, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and other experts have all expressed concern over a falling USD.

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